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1. _______ with any common sense can tell the difference between the two.

A. Who B. Whoever C. Anyone D. Who ever

2. We used to see each other , but I haven’t heard from him since last year.

A. especially B. regularly C. particularly D. approximately

3. ______all the animals I’ve ever had, these two dogs are the most sensitive to the spoken word.

A. From B. Of C. For D. With

4. He is so strong that I _____ fight against him.

A. dare not     B. did dare not    C. didn’t dare to    D. dare not to

5. If nothing ________, the oceans will turn into fish deserts.

A. does B. had been done C. will do D. is done

6. —Did you hear that water in Tai Lake smelt terrible?

—Yes.In fact, it ____.That's all because of the people and the factories around.

A. polluted B. was polluted C. has polluted D. will pollute

7. Would you mind____ me a favour?

A. do B. to do C. doing D. did

8. You’ll find taxis waiting at the bus station _____ you can hire to reach your host family.

A. which B. where C. when D. as

9. The shocking news mad me realize ________ terrible problems we would face.

A. what B. how C. that D. why

10. ________he thought he was helping us with the work, he was actually in the way.

A. Although B. Unless C. Because D. When


Reading aloud and silent reading are two different types of reading practice commonly found in classrooms. Each has a function in the teaching of reading and should not be __11__ by the other. However, we need to be aware when we use them. When we __12__ teaching reading or developing reading skills, we are mostly referring to silent reading. To develop ___13__ readers in a language, silent reading must be given enough __14__ and time in class with the proper guidance from the __15__. Reading aloud has its particular ___16__for our students who are learning English as a foreign language. __17__ can help them acquire good pronunciation and intonation , __18___ them with new words and the stress patterns of English, help___19__ their confidence in speaking the language. Therefore, opportunities should be __20__ for students to read aloud only after they have comprehended the text___21___ before comprehension. Comprehension can be very __22___ and it can easily destroy their self-confidence. With __23__ reading, it sets up a poor reading model for other students as well. It is __24___ that we first help students learn the text through ___25___ reading activities and deal with comprehension we give our students practice by using an audio tape to__26___ a good model for practicing reading aloud. With adequate __27___, we may ask the students to read aloud to the whole class to __28___their motivation and confidence. By asking the students to read aloud, it is also a good chance for the teacher to get __29___on the students’ comprehension as we can notice __30__ there are wrong pauses or mispronounced words which indicate possible difficulties or misunderstandings of the text.

11. A. described B. provided C. explained D. replaced

12. A. work out B. run into C. talk about D. take on

13. A. proficient B. enjoyable C. considerate D. straight forward

14. A. money B. attention C. sacrifice D. burden

15. A. colleague B. teacher C. headmaster D. actor

16. A. quality B. conclusion C. value D. frustration

17. A. It B.One C. We D. They

18. A. involve B. supply C. charge D. familiarize

19. A. go through B. build up C. show off D. wipe out

20. A. available B. particular C. attractive D. dependable

21. A. apart from B.as well as C. instead of D. better than

22. A. impressive B. systematic C. dominant D. difficult

23. A. complete B. broken C. careful D. disgusting

24. A. better B. worse C. negative D. unfair

25. A. simplified B. overwhelming C. silent D. desperate

26. A. celebrate B. represent C. depress D. provide

27. A. practice B. material C. knowledge D. amount

28. A. respect B. check C. boost D. desert

29. A. suggestion B. feedback C. promotion D. inspiration

30. A. where B. why C. how D. whether



Ten-year-old Cody Jackson, a 2013 Build-A-Bear Workshop Huggable Hero, helps support the soldiers.

November 11 is a day to honor people who have served in the army. That is what Cody Jackson, 10, from Alpharetta, Georgia, does all the year round. Cody visits airports to greet soldiers and has sent nearly 5,000 pounds of care packages to the soldiers. He has also written books to teach kids to love their country, and sells the books on his website, 1boyuso. com, to pay for his package supplies.

For all his work, Cody was selected as a 2013 Build-A-Bear Workshop Huggable Hero. The 10 Huggable Heroes chosen each received $10,000.

“When I was four years old, I was at the airport and it was taking so long to get through the airport. I asked my mom and dad why it was taking us so long and they told me about 9/11 and what the soldiers did that day. They explained the soldiers were providing extra protection to help keep us safe. That is when I started to thank the soldiers,” Cody said. “Sending them care packages makes me feel good. I hope the packages make the soldiers feel at home. I hope they show the soldiers that they are not forgotten.”

When asked how it felt to be chosen as a hero, Cody smiled, “It was really exciting and it felt really good that I won that money so I could send more packages to the soldiers and get more things.”

Cody also hopes more kids can send care packages to the soldiers and thank them for risking their lives. “If they want to help me or if they need some information, they can go to my website,” he added.

31. Cody became a Huggable Hero in 2013 for _____.

A. his best-selling book B. his caring behavior

C. his special website D. his brave act












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