2019 年中小学英语模拟题系列(一)

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2019 年中小学英语模拟题系列(一)

第一部分 选择题(本大题分为三个部分:单项选择、完形填空和阅读理解)一、单项选择题从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡的相


1. ______ walk is expected to last all day, so bring ______ packed lunch.

A. A; a B. The; / C. The; a D. A; /

2. Could I speak to ______ is in charge of International Sales, please?

A. anyone B. someone C. whoever D. no matter who

3. ______ worries me the way he keeps changing his mind.

A. This B. That C. What D. It

4. Please remain _______ until the plane has come to a complete stop.

A. to seat B. to be seated C. seating D. seated

5. I can’t say which wine is best — it’s a(n) _______ of personal taste.

A. affair B. event C. matter D. variety

6. ______ I really don’t like art, I find his work impressive.

A. As B. Since C. If D. While

7. —Where did you get to know her?

—It was on the farm _______ we worked.

A. that B. there C. which D. where

8. The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft, the most recent ______ at the end of last March.

A. has been launched B. having been launched

C. being launched D. to be launched

9. In this seaside resort, you can _______ all the comfort and convenience of modern tourism.

A. enjoy B. apply C. receive D. achieve

10. The book was written in 1946, ________ the education system has witnessed great changes.

A. when B. during which C. since then D. since when

11. Without your help, I ________ such rapid progress.

A. didn’t make B. don’t make

C. would not make D. would not have made

12. —“How was ______ they found out the key to the door?”

—“Totally by chance.”

A. it that B. he that C. it when D. he which

13. — Why can’t I smoke here?

— At no time____ in the waiting room.

A. is smoking permitted B. smoking is permitted C. smoking is it permitted D. does smoking permit

14. — What made him so happy?

— _____ as the model student in school.

A. He being elected B. His electing C. His being elected D. His been elected

15. As modern linguistics aims to describe and analyze the language people actually use, and not to lay down rules for “correct” linguistic behavior, it is said to be ___.

A. prescriptive B. sociolinguistic C. descriptive D. psycholinguistic 16. In the United Kingdom, ministers are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of _____.

A. the Lord Chancellor B. the Monarch

C. the Prime Minister D. the King

17. In which novel can “Yahoo” be found?

A. John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress B. Edmund Spencer’s The Faerie Queen

C. Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels D Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones

18. If a teacher thinks that the learner’s first language plays a central role in the teaching, he or she will be likely to use _________ method.

A. Presentation, Practice and Production (PPP) B. Task-based Learning (TBL) C. Grammar-Translation D. Total Physical Response (TPR)

19. 关于英语课程资源,以下说法不正确的是________。

A. 英语教材是英语课程资源的核心部分

B. 课程资源还包括人的资源,如学生资源、教师资源和家长资源

C. 课程资源的开发与利用要严格按照国家相关规定

D. 合理开发、积极利用和有效管理各种课程资源是提高教学质量的重要基础。

20. What learning strategy do the following activity help to train in vocabulary teaching?

The teacher gives students certain word and asks them to do brainstorming.

A. speaking B. association C. contextualization D. translation



I recently overheard something that surprised me. I heard that people who win the lottery (彩票) are __21_ for about 3 weeks. And then they go back to their __22__ state of being before they won the money. I __23__ that they would have been happy for a much longer time.

The reason for this is that __24__ we try to change how we feel by using something outside of ourselves, like winning the lottery, or getting a new car or house, it never __25__. The resulting feelings of happiness are often fleeting (飞逝的).We cannot __26__ them for very long. In some way, it may be a good thing. It reminds us that happiness really does come from within and is __27__ to us at any moment. True happiness has __28__ to do with what is happening outside;it is an inside job. Happiness is a __29__.

We can make the decision to be happy for one day, when we __30__ in the morning, every morning. We can find something that brings us great __31__, like sitting outside in the garden under an old tree and __32__ the birds sing, or watching the dog or cat play, and just __33__ the moment. It is our __34__ state and we need only allow it in. At any moment, we can __35__, take a deep breath, and remember who we really are, and why we came here, and that truly is to __36__ joy and the aliveness of being.

“Happiness is like a butterfly which, when run after, is always __37__ our reach, but, if you will sit down ___38__, may fall upon you, ” said Nathaniel Hawthorne, an American novelist. So, today, no matter what is going on in your own __39__, stop and take a few moments to breathe deeply and just __40__ to be happy, whatever that means to you.

21. A. clever B. lucky C. happy D. cautious

22. A. previous B. unusual C. constant D. positive

23. A. concluded B. suspected C. promised D. thought

24. A. anyhow B. anytime C. anywhere D. anyway

25. A. changes B. forms C. works D. appears

26. A. keep B. control C. blame D. guide

27. A. available B. consistent C. sensitive D. similar

28. A. much B. little C. some D. enough

29. A. choice B. chance C. result D. reward

30. A. wake up B. look up C. turn up D. stand up

31. A. success B. surprise C. pleasure D. worry

32. A. making B. helping C. listening to D. calling on

33. A. waste B. spend C. save D. enjoy

34. A. natural B. common C. accurate D. special

35. A. stay B. stop C. leave D. arrive

36. A. discover B. present C. experience D. accept

37. A. beyond B. within C. through D. against

38. A. noisily B. silently C. carefully D. quietly

39. A. mind B. heart C. life D. body

40. A. pretend B. decide C. agree D. hesitate



In 2010, a federal judge shook America’s biotech industry to its core. Companies had won patents for isolated DNA for decades-by 2005 some 20% of human genes were parented. But in March 2010 a judge ruled that genes were unpatentable. Executives were violently agitated. The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), a trade group, assured members that this was just a “preliminary step” in a longer battle.

On July 29th they were relieved, at least temporarily. A federal appeals court overturned the prior decision, ruling that Myriad Genetics could indeed hold patents to two genes that help forecast a woman’s risk of breast cancer. The chief executive of Myriad, a company in Utah, said the ruling was a blessing to firms and patients alike.

But as companies continue their attempts at personalized medicine, the courts will remain rather busy. The Myriad case itself is probably not over Critics make three main arguments against gene patents: a gene is a product of nature, so it may not be patented; gene patents suppress innovation rather than reward it; and patents’ monopolies restrict access to genetic tests such as Myriad’s. A growing number seem to agree. Last year a federal task-force urged reform for patents related to genetic tests. In October the Department of Justice filed a brief in the Myriad case, arguing that an isolated DNA molecule “is no less a product of nature... than are cotton fibers that have been separated from cotton seeds.”

Despite the appeals court’s decision, big questions remain unanswered. For example, it is unclear whether the sequencing of a whole genome violates the patents of individual genes within it. The case may yet reach the Supreme Court.

AS the industry advances, however, other suits may have an even greater impact. Companies are unlikely to file many more patents for human DNA molecules-most are already patented or in the public domain. Firms are now studying how genes interact, looking for correlations that might be used to determine the causes of disease or predict a drug’s efficacy, companies are eager to win patents for ‘connecting the dots’, explains Hans Sauer, a lawyer for the BIO.

Their success may be determined by a suit related to this issue, brought by the Mayo Clinic, which the Supreme Court will hear in its next term. The BIO recently held a convention which included sessions to coach lawyers on the shifting landscape for patents. Each meeting was packed.

41. It can be learned from paragraph I that the biotech companies would like_________.

A. their executives to be active B. judges to rule out gene patenting

C. genes to be patentable D. the BIO to issue a warning

42. By saying “each meeting was packed” (line 4, para 6) the author means that_________.

A. the Supreme Court was authoritative

B. the BIO was a powerful organization

C. gene patenting was a great concern

D. lawyers were keen to attend conventions

43. Generally speaking, the author’s attitude toward gene patenting is__________.

A. critical B. supportive

C. scornful D. objective


The great recession may be over, but this era of high joblessness is probably beginning. Before it ends, it will likely change the life course and character of a generation of young adults. And ultimately, it is likely to reshape our politics, our culture, and the character of our society for years.

No one tries harder than the jobless to find silver linings in this national economic disaster. Many said that unemployment, while extremely painful, had improved them in some ways; they had become less materialistic and more financially prudent; they were more aware of the struggles of others. In limited respects, perhaps the recession will leave society better off. At the very least, it has awoken us from our national fever dream of easy riches and bigger houses, and put a necessary end to an era of reckless personal spending.

But for the most part, these benefits seem thin, uncertain, and far off. In The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth, the economic historian Benjamin Friedman argues that both inside and outside the U.S., lengthy periods of economic stagnation or decline have almost always left society more mean-spirited and less inclusive, and have usually stopped or reversed the advance of rights and freedoms. Anti-immigrant sentiment typically increases, as does conflict between races and classes.

Income inequality usually falls during a recession, but it has not shrunk in this one. Indeed, this period of economic weakness may reinforce class divides, and decrease opportunities to cross them-- especially for young people. The research of Till Von Wachter, the economist in Columbia University, suggests that not all people graduating into a recession see their life chances dimmed: those with degrees from elite universities catch up fairly quickly to where they otherwise would have been if they had graduated in better times; it is the masses beneath them that are left behind.

In the internet age, it is particularly easy to see the resentment that has always been hidden within American society. More difficult, in the moment, is discerning precisely how these lean times are affecting society’s character. In many respects, the U.S. was more socially tolerant entering this recession than at any time in its history, and a variety of national polls on social conflict since then have shown mixed results. We will have to wait and see exactly how these hard times will reshape our social fabric. But they certainly will reshape it, and all the more so the longer they extend.

44. By saying “to find silver linings”(Line 1, Para. 2)the author suggest that the jobless try to________.

A. seek subsidies from the government

B. explore reasons for the unemployment

C. make profits from the troubled economy

D. look on the bright side of the recession

45. According to Paragraph 2, the recession has made people________.

A. realize the national dream B. struggle against each other

C. challenge their lifestyle D. reconsider their lifestyle

46. The author thinks that the influence of hard times on society is_____.

A. certain B. positive C. trivial D. destructive C

Goodreads recommends the following books you want to read for the event to come.

1. The Lyrics: 1961-2012

By Bob Dylan

Simon & Schuster, $60

What it’s about: This heavy, well-timed publication contains lyrics by the songwriter who just won the Nobel Prize in Literature, from his first album, Bob Dylan, through Tempest.

What’s to love: The times may be changing, but Dylan’s fans are a constant, traditional devotees who will want this epic collection for their shelves, to sit beside those beloved old large papers.

2. Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song

By Tyler Conroy

Simon & Schuster, $28

What it’s about: An elegant fanzine celebrating all things about Taylor Swift, especially the pop star’s countless fans. What’s to love: Mom and/or Dad, the fan of Taylor Swift, will think you’re pretty cool if he or she discovers this temple to Taylor under the Christmas tree (even if it is a book).

3. Misty Copeland By Gregg Delman

Rizzoli, $39.95

What it’s about: Star-figure female ballet dancer Misty Copeland strikes a pose (95, to be exact) in photos taken between 2011 and 2014, in the casual setting of dance studios.

What’s to love: Since becoming the first African American woman to be named a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, Copeland has become a cultural phenomenon, and Delman’s arresting pictures capture(捕捉)her muscular power and elegance.

4.@ NatGeo: The Most Popular Instagram Photos

By National Geographic

National Geographic, $19.95

What it’s about: National Geographic’s popular Instagram account (nearly 63 million followers) comes to book form in this title filled with eye-popping images from around the world.

What’s to love: Here’s proof that NatGeo’s talented photographers have conquered social media while maintaining the usual quality of their work. And for fans of more traditional coffee-table-size books, check out National Geographic’s Wild, Beautiful Places: Picture-Perfect Journeys Around the Globe ($40).

47. Which author is noted for literature achievements?

A. Bob Dylan B. Tyler Conroy.

C. Gregg Delman. D.National Geographic.

48. For what event are the books most probably recommended? A. New Year’s Day. B. Christmas Day.

C. One’s anniversary. D. Literature awards.

49. How much would a photographer normally spend on his favourite books listed? A. $39.95. B. $19.95. C. $59.9. D. $99.9.

50. Which book would a pop star’s fan probably buy?

A. The Lyrics: 1961-2012.

B. Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song.

C. Misty Copeland.

D. @ NatGeo: The Most Popular Instagram Photos.



One out of many important things for the whole family to do is to have dinner together. Researchers began reporting the benefits of family dinner about a decade ago, focusing mainly on how it affects children. Studies show that those families who eat dinner at least 3 or 4 times a week together, benefit in many ways.

Eating together helps families achieve open communication and build stronger and healthier relationships. Children have better grades at school and are better adjusted as teens and adults, and the entire family enjoys healthier nutrition. For many families, eating dinner together proves to be good and effective way to reduce the risk of youth rates of addiction, and helps to raise healthier children. It is also a great time to share the events of the day, discuss news and ideas and just be together and enjoy each other’s company.

During dinner time parents have better opportunity to show that they are the prior to their children. Sitting at the same table and sharing meals is where and when parents can find out more about their children’s school performance, daily activities and attitudes toward life. When parents have all this information, they can better direct their kids toward positive things in life. They also have better chance to reduce the possibility that children will get involved with alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.

However, family researchers say that the benefits of family dinner by no means can be considered as automatic. Parents can sit down to dinner with their kids every day and achieve nothing. ____________________ if there is too much arguing going on, if there is no meaningful conversation or, what is even worse, if there is just plain silence during gathering.

51. What is the main idea of the text? (no more than 8 words)


52. Which sentence in the text is closest in meaning to the following one?

By having dinner together family members can have free exchange of information and develop closer ties among them.


53. Fill in the blank in Paragraph 4 with proper words. (no more than 8 words)


54. What information can parents probably get about their children at family dinner? (no more than 12 words)


55. Translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 into Chinese.


第二部分 非选择题



Internet Plus is the integration of the internet and traditional industries through online platforms and IT technology, it is expected to help economic restructuring, (56)i________ people’s livelihoods and transform of government (57)________(政府职能), according to Wu Hequan, academic of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Xu Linshen, vice general manager of the Beijing-based Qing-Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop, said:

“Efficiency has improved since we brought (58)______ an e-commerce system that monitors sales. For example, if sales slip for one particular item we are notified and can (59)______(调查) the reasons behind it.”

The Internet is also a driving (60)f_______ for the transformation of traditional manufacturing. Zheng Jie, a deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC) and general manager of Zhejiang branch of China Mobile, suggested (61)______ more “Made in China” products should use intelligent network and mobile Internet technology. Internet (62)__________ is a rising industry and has promoted restructuring of traditional financing institutions. Major banks, (63)i________ China Merchants Bank, China Minsheng Bank, and China development Bank, have launched online petty loan applications in recent years.

Wu Hequan said Internet Plus not only had economic benefits, but will also improve public services. China has been transforming from a follower into a (64)m______ player in the world’s Internet industry during the past two decades, he observed. “The next decade will be a time for the Chinese Internet to broaden its reach (65)_______(全球),” he said, “with the help of Internet, China will pursue its development opportunities with a global vision.”

(二)课程与教学论知识填空(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分)根据以下内容,在每个空格内填入所缺部分,并将答案完整地写在答题卡上。

66. 教师要在充分了解学生________和不同需求的基础上,在教学方法、教学内容以及教学评价等方面做到灵活多样,力求使每个学生都有所收益。

67. 在义务教育阶段,从 3 年级开设英语课程的学校,4 年级应完成_______;课时安排应尽量体现短时高频的原则。

68. 义务教育阶段英语课程的总体目标是:通过英语学习使学生形成初步的综合语言运用能力,促进________,提高综合人文素养。

69. ________是培养学生实际语言运用能力的关键环节,评价是及时监控教学过程和教学效果的重要手段,教师要正确处理二者之间的关系。

70. 听说法认为______是从无数句子中归纳出来的一定数量的句子模式,是表情达意的基本单位,也是外语教学的中心。




The teacher was handing out test papers when I walk into _______71________ the classroom. I was feeling nervously because I had not _______72_______ prepared well for the exam. I went through the test several time, _______73________ but I still could answer the questions. Being afraid of failing the _______74________ exam, I put my book under the desk, opened it and started _______75________ looking for the answers. The teacher wasn’t looking at for me, _______76_________ so I copied nothing. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder! _______77_________ The teacher caught me cheat. I felt too ashamed of myself _______78________ to say anything. Unfortunately, the teacher didn’t punish _______79________ me for cheating. Instead, he gave me the second chance. ________80________


81. Assessment involves the collecting of information or evidence of a child’s learning progress and achievement over a period of time for the purpose of improving teaching and learning. It is not based on one test or one task, nor is it expressed by a mark or grade, but rather in a report form with scales or levels as well as description and comment from the teacher.

82. The report is written based on samples of the child’s work, the child’s self-assessment sheets, teacher’s observations notes on the achievement of the child’s linguistic ability, attitude, participation, cooperation and general cognitive development. The children's achievement is often measured against his/her own starting point rather than compared against the skills or abilities of other children.


83. 请根据下面所提供的材料,结合你自身的学习经历,用英文阐述你的理解和认识。

注意:词数不少于 150;文中不得出现与本人相关的信息。

You are eager to be an English teacher, but what makes a good primary English teacher?

五、案例分析与教学设计【小学篇】阅读下面材料,根据要求回答第 84,85 题

以下是一位老师在教授四年级《How’s the Weather Today》这一课时设计的教学活动:教学目标:


(1) 掌握词汇: how,weather,sunny,warm,cloudy,windy,cool.

(2) 掌握句型: How’s the weather? It’s …







How’s the weather? It’s ...的正确运用。


学生能够在实际生活中灵活运用句型 How’s the weather? It’s … 教学过程:

Step One: Warm up and Review (5 mins)

1. Sing the song “The Month Song”.

2. Review the words “sun,cloud,rain,wind,snow” by showing the pictures on PPT.



Step Two: New Concepts and Practice (30 mins)

1.再一次呈现 rain 图片,接着展示下雨的情境图片,然后出示单词 rainy,请学生猜一猜 rainy 的意思,同时教授单词 rainy 并板书在 rain 旁边,让学生比较两者的不同。

2.在 PPT 上将 wind,cloud,snow 后加上字母“y”,变成 windy,cloudy,snowy,让学生自己猜一猜他们的意思,最后提示学生 sunny 的正确写法以及不同。





7.通过 rainy, windy, cloudy, snowy 和 sunny 的概念引出单词 weather,反复跟读后引出句型 How’s the weather? It’s ______.

这里采用师生竞赛的方式,也就是给学生读五遍的时间教师将句子板书在黑板上,比一比谁更快。同时出示 PPT 图片,进行问答。

Teacher: How’s the weather?

Class: It’s rainy.

Teacher: How’s the weather?

Class: It’s cloudy.

Teacher: How’s the weather today?

Class: It’s …



10.出示图表,以小组为单位组成电视台播报天气预报,各组首先进行讨论,拼读出图表上城市的名称,及其天气的英语表达,然后设计播报形式, 采取一人或多人播报的方式用英语向全班介绍各城市的天气情况,教师评选出最佳气象播报员及最佳电视台。

11.学生自己读一读部分单词的读音,然后找学生说出“ir, ur, er, or”分别发什么音,最后讨论总结出以上字母组合发音相同。接着播放录音,学生跟读,并试着用刚学过的字母组合读出“dirty,fur,dancer,world”。

Step Three: Consolidation (8 mins)

Step Four: Class Closing (2 mins)

Step Five: Homework

84. 案例分析(满分 10 分)


2.请分析以上案例的成功之处和原因。 85. 教学活动设计

补充上述 Step Two: New Concepts and Practice 3、4,Step Three: Consolidation 以及 Step

Five: Homework 环节的教学设计,并分别说明设计意图。

要求:(1)New Concepts and Practice 环节设计两个活动,巩固环节一次即可;


请阅读所给的教学案例,完成第 86 题和第 87 题。


(1) 知识目标(Knowledge Aims)

学生通过阅读熟悉本课的相关单词、短语及重点句型,如 cultural, relic, rare, valuable, fancy, style, decorate, in return, belong to, etc.

(2) 能力目标(Ability Aims)


(3) 情感态度与价值观(Emotional Attitude and Point of Value):



1. Students learn different reading skills.

2. Enable students to learn to talk about cultural relics.


Step I Lead-in (3 minutes)

Show them some pictures of cultural relics, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, etc.

Ask students to name them out and talk about them.

Step II Pre-reading (5 minutes)

1. Ask Ss some questions:

(1) Do you know what amber is?

(2) Have you ever seen the Stonehenge?

Then show students the pictures of amber and give them 5 minutes to talk about it.

(3) Do you think we can build a house using amber?

2. Show students the pictures of the Amber Room.

3. Let them enjoy parts of the video from the internet about the Amber Room and then stop. Step III While-reading. (25 minutes)

1. Fast reading

Read the passage very fast and give brief introduction of the persons of Frederick I, Frederick William I, Peter the Great, Catherine II, The Nazi army, The Russians and Germans before Ss start to read and ask them to notice the time and the place the story happened.

2. Careful reading:

Task 1:


Task 2:


Step IV Post-reading. (9 minutes)

1. Activity 1:


2. Activity 2:


Step V Homework (3 minutes)

Find out important expressions and drills. Meanwhile, underline the Attributive Clause in the reading passage.

86. 案例分析(满分 14 分)

1) 请根据新课程理念,指出该教学案例中 Teaching objectives 存在的 2 点问题,并将答案填写在答题卡上。

2) 请对该教学案例中已经呈现出的教学过程 Step I-II,Step III 中的第 1 小点及 Step V 进行评析(优点 3 点,缺点 2 点)并分别说明理由。请将答案完整写在答题卡上。

87. 根据上述教学环节的教学设计,完成 Step III Careful reading 中 task 1,task 2, Step IV Post-reading 中 activity 1,activity 2 的教学环节设计,并分别说明设计意图。请将答案完整写在答题卡上。要求:



2019 年中小学英语模拟题系列(一)参考答案及解析



【解析】考查冠词。句意为:今天要步行一天,所以带上一份打包好的午餐。第一空填空定冠词,表特指;第二个空填不定冠词,因为 lunch 前带有描述性修饰语,a packed lunch 在此指”打包的午餐”。故选 C。


【解析】考查名词性从句的连接词。句意:请找任何一个负责国际销售的人接电话好吗? A、B 两项不能引导宾语从句,…is in charge of International Sales 为 speak to 的宾语从句,且从句缺少主语,故填入连接代词,虽然 whoever 等于 no matter who,但是 D 项不能引导名词性从句。故选 C。


【解析】考查代词。句意:他不断改变主意的方式让我很担心。it 作形式主语,真正的主语是 the way he keeps changing his mind。因为主语太长,而用 it 作形式主语。B 项用于指眼前的、说过的事物或人,又指比 this 稍微远一点的东西,意为”那,那个东西,那件事情”。C 项多用于引导名词性从句;A 项意为”这,这个,这事”。故选 D。


【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:请坐好直到飞机完全停下来。此处 remain 为持续系动词,意为”保持,维持”,D 项是动词 seat 转换而来的形容词,与 remain 连用形成系表结构;当 remain 指”尚待、有待于以后被处置”,后常接不定式的被动形式,即 B 项,且表示主语是不定式动作的承受者;A 项无此表达;seat 表示”使……就坐”,常用过去分词。故选 D。


【解析】考查词义辨析。句意:我不能说哪一种酒最好,这是个人口味问题。it’s a matter

of…为英语惯用表达,意为 “是一个……问题” 。A 项是事务,可以是工作方面的,较正式;

B 项一般指历史事件;C 项指问题,困难,毛病,麻烦;D 项指种类,类别。故选 C。


【解析】考查连词。句意:尽管我不喜欢艺术,但我发现他的作品给人留下深刻印象。A 项意为因为,B 项意为自从,C 项意为如果,D 项意为虽然,然而。故选 D。


【解析】考查强调句。句意:你在哪认识她的?我是在我们工作的那个农场认识她的。根据句意可知后半句为一个不完整的句子,补充完整即 It was on the farm where we worked that I got to know her,we worked 充当先行词 the farm 的定语从句,且 farm 指地点,且从句中不缺少主宾表,故连接词应填入关系副词 where。故选 D。



一艘于去年三月底发射。A 项使后半部分成为一个分句,但两个分句之间无关连词,故排除;

B 项表示该动作已被完成;C 项表示该动作正在被完成,也排除;D 项表示该动作将要被完成也排除。故选 B。


【解析】考查词义辨析。句意:在海边娱乐场,你可以享受到现代旅游的全部舒适和方便。根据其宾语“all the comfort and convenience of modern tourism”可判断出要用 enjoy。B 项意为

申请,应用;C 项意为收到,接到,接收,遭到,受到,接待,接见;D 项意为完成,达到。

故选 A。


【解析】考查定语从句。句意:那本书被写于 1946 年,自从那时以来教育体制见证了伟大的变化。因为逗号前后都是句子所以必须用连词,后半句为完整的句子结构,故排除 A;根据句意可知,后半句为非限制性定语从句,先行词是 1946,又根据谓语动词 has witnessed 的现在完成时可知,since与现在完成时连用,since when相当于since the book was written in 1946。

故选 D。


【解析】考查含蓄虚拟条件句。句意:要不是你的帮助,我不会取得这么快的进步。根据句意可知此处表示对过去事实的虚拟,根据虚拟条件句的时态变化,主句表示对过去事实的虚拟应使用情态动词+have done,即 would not have made。A 表示从句对现在或将来的虚拟,排除;B 项为陈述语气,排除;C 项表示现在或将来对现在或将来的虚拟。故选 D。


【解析】考查强调句。句意:他们怎么找到门钥匙的?完全偶然。根据句意可知前半句为强调句的特殊疑问句句型,即特殊疑问词+is/ was+ it+ that…,故此处应填入 how was it that they found out the key to the door?故选 A。


【解析】考查倒装句。否定词或否定意义的短语置于句首,句序应采用部分倒装,即助动词、情态动词等置于主语之前,谓语动词仍然保留在主语之后。At no time 为否定意义的短语,正常语序 smoking is permitted 要采用部分倒装语序,即 is smoking permitted。故选 A。


【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:他当选校模范学生这件事令他如此开心。根据句意,答句其实是一个名词性的短语,省略了 made him so happy,先排除 AD。需要用被动语态,再排除 B。故选 C。


【解析】考查语言学。descriptive linguistics aims to describe and analyze the language people actually use(描述语言学主要侧重于描述和分析人们对语言的实际应用);prescriptive linguistics aims to make rules for “correct and standard” behavior in using language(规定语言学主要是侧重于制定正确使用语言的规则)。根据句中“describe and analyze the language people actually use” 可知此处为 descriptive linguistics。故选 C。


【解析】考查英美概况。在英国,部长们是由首相推荐,女王加以任命的。故选 C。


【解析】考查英美文学。Jonathan Swift 的 Gulliver’s Travels(《格列弗游记》)中 yahoo 暗

指人类,集人类丑陋面于一身,服务于动物的一类生物。故选 C。


【解析】考查教学法理论。语法翻译法认为学习者的母语起着重要作用。故选 C。




【解析】考查英语教学法。教师请学生做头脑风暴练习,属于 association 活动。二、完型填空


【解析】考查形容词辨析。根据下文中的 they would have been happy for a much longer time









【解析】考查动词辨析。根据下文中的 The resulting feelings of happiness are often fleeting 可知,显然这不“起作用(works) ”。












【解析】考查短语辨析。根据 for one day 的语境可知,这里指早晨“醒来(wake up)”。

31.【答案】C 【解析】考查名词辨析。我们可以发现选择高兴会给自己带来很多“快乐(pleasure)”。


【解析】考查动词辨析。根据句意,听鸟叫声,故答案为 listening to。


【解析】考查动词辨析。根据文中选择幸福的语境可知,此处指“听(listening to)”小鸟唱歌、看猫狗嬉戏,“享受(enjoy)”这样的时刻。




【解析】考查动词辨析。根据句中的语境及最后一段的 stop and take a few moments to breathe deeply 可知,这里指我们可以停下来做深呼吸。




【解析】考查介词辨析。 根据此处上下文的对比意义可知,我们越是追求幸福,越是“抓不住(beyond our reach)”它。






【解析】考查动词辨析。联系文章意思及第三段的 We can make the decision to be happy 可知,这里指“下定决心(decide)”做到幸福快乐。



【解析】考查推理判断题。根据题干,首先定位到第一段。关键词“company”首先出现在第二句:Companies had won patents for isolated DNA for decades…(公司取得了分离基因专利权),但是本句没有直接说他们 would like 什么,接下来一句 But…表明法官的裁决与公司的愿望相反,也就是说公司想拥有基因专利权,由此确定选项 C 为正确答案。选项 B 与文中内容矛盾。由该段第四句可知,高管们因此变得焦躁不安,故排除选项 A。关于 BIO,文中说明该组织向成员承诺要斗争,所以选项 D 不符合文章的内容。


【解析】“Each meeting was packed”中的“packed”原意为“打包”,在本句中是“挤满” 的意思,该句理解为“每次会议都挤满了人”。由上一句可知,召开这些会议是为了指导律师处理专利目前摇摆不定的局面。由此可以推出人们对基因专利非常关注,所以选项 C 为正确答案。最高法院具有权威性与这些会议人满为患没有关系,因此排除选项 A。选项 B 和 D 曲解了本段内容的字面意思,故均排除。


【解析】本题考查作者对基因专利的态度。文章首先谈到基因专利的现状以及引起争议的问题。然后在第三段中引出反对基因专利的观点及其理由,并进一步提到在基因获得专利过程中遇到的实际问题。在第五段中还谈到公司渴望获得基因专利的目的是为了建立疾病之间的关联性。由此可以看出,作者对基因专利的描述是客观的,没有任何的主观评价,所以选项 D 为正确答案。选项 A、B 和 C 均不正确,故排除。


【解析】根据题干,首先定位到第二段。由第二句可知,失业虽然很痛苦,但也从几个方面提高了失业者的素养,冒号后面则具体说明从哪几个方面得到提高。也就是说经济萧条导致他们失业,尽管痛苦,但他们也看到了对自己有利的方面,由此推出选项 D 为正确答案。选项 A 和选项 B 在文中并未提到,故排除。第二句虽然谈到失业从几个方面提高了失业者的素养,但并未强调失业者试图从中获得经济利润,所以排除选项 C。


【解析】根据题干,首先定位到第二段。根据第二段第二句“…they had become less materialistic and more financially prudent; they were aware of the struggles of others. ”可知,他们

变得不那么贪图享乐,经济上也更节俭;他们还更加关注他人的奋斗。可知,这些改变都是在重新思考他们的生活方式,所以选项 D 为正确答案,同时排除选项 C。本段最后一句提到大萧条把人们从梦想中唤醒而不是实现了美国梦,因此排除选项 A。第二句“they were more aware of the struggles of others”表明,失业者更加关注他人的奋斗而不是彼此争斗,故排除选项 B。



对社会造成影响的态度:More difficult is discerning how these lean times are affecting society’s character(很难说这些吝啬时代对社会有什么样的影响),polls on social conflict have shown mixed results(民意调查结果喜忧参半),尤其是最后两句与信息点的关系更为明显:We will have to wait and see exactly how these hard times will reshape our social fabric(我们需要等一等才

能知道艰难时期如何改变社会);But they certainly will reshape it(艰难时期一定会改变社会形

态或结构)。由此得知,作者认为判断艰难时期对社会的影响是好还是坏还为时尚早,但影响是肯定的,所以正确答案为选项 A。


【解析】考查细节理解题。根据 What it’s about: This heavy, well-timed publication contains lyrics by the songwriter who just won the Nobel Prize in Literature, from his first album, Bob Dylan, through Tempest 可知 Bob Dylan 因为文学著作而出名。


【解析】考查细节理解题。根据 What’s to love: Mom and/or Dad,the fan of Taylor Swift,

will think you’re pretty cool if he or she discovers this temple to Taylor under the Christmas tree (even if it is a book)可知是圣诞节。


【解析】考查推理判断题。根据 National Geographic, $19.95 以及 Here’s proof that NatGeo’s talented photographers have conquered social media while maintaining the usual quality of their work. And for fans of more traditional coffee-table-size books, check out National Geographic’s Wild, Beautiful Places: Picture-Perfect Journeys Around the Globe ($40)可知选 D。


【解析】根据 What it’s about: An elegant fanzine celebrating all things about Taylor Swift, especially the pop star’s countless fans 可知选 B。

51.【答案】Families benefit from eating together./Having dinner together is beneficial to families.

【解析】考查主旨大意题。根据文章第一段中第二句“Researchers began reporting the

benefits of family dinner about a decade ago, focusing mainly on how it affects children”可知,本


52.【答案】Eating together helps families achieve open communication and build stronger and healthier relationships.


53.【答案】No family dinner can benefit./Family dinner may not benefit.


54.【答案】their children’s school performance, daily activities and attitudes toward life

【解析】考查细节理解题。根据文章第三段第二句 Sitting at the same table and sharing meals is where and when parents can find out more about their children’s school performance, daily activities

and attitudes toward life 可知,坐在同一张饭桌共进晚餐,父母可以了解孩子的学习成绩、日常活动和生活态度。


第二部分 非选择题




【解析】考查动词。句意:互联网+是互联网和传统产业通过在线平台的融合,据中国工程院学者邬贺铨称,预计这将有助于经济结构调整、改善民生和政府职能的转变。improve 改善,提升。故填入 improve。


【解析】考查名词。根据句意可知,政府职能 government functions,一定注意单复数。故填入 functions。


【解析】考查介词。句意:自从我们引进了一个监视销售的电子商务系统以来,效率已经提高了。bring in 引进,引入。故填入 in。


【解析】考查动词。句意:例如,如果某项产品的销售下滑,我们会得到通知,并可以调查其背后的原因。investigate 调查。故填入 investigate。


【解析】考查名词。句意:互联网也是传统制造业转型的推动力。driving force 推动力。

故填入 force。



“中国制造”产品应该使用智能网络和移动互联网技术。Suggest 之后的宾语从句中不缺少句

子的主要成分(主宾表),应填入连接词或连接副词,根据句意后半句为陈述句故应填入 that。


【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:互联网融资是一个新兴产业,推动了传统金融机构的重组。根据句意可知 financing 动名词做主语,故填入 financing。


【解析】考查介词。句意:近年来,包括中国商贸银行、民生银行和国家开发银行在内的各大银行都在网上推出了小额贷款申请。根据句意可知后半句列举了很多的银行。故填入 including。


【解析】考查形容词。句意:他指出,过去 20 年来,中国一直在从一个跟随者转变为世界互联网行业的主要参与者。故填入 major。


【解析】考查副词辨析。句意:他说:“未来十年将是中国互联网向全球扩张的时候,在互联网的帮助下,中国将以全球视野来寻求发展机会。”根据句意可知此处为全球扩展。故填入 globally。

(二)课程与教学论知识填空(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分)




【解析】考查义务课标的分级标准。在义务教育阶段,从 3 年级开设英语课程的学校,四年级应完成一级目标,六年级完成二级目标。









71.【答案】walk → walked


72.【答案】nervously→ nervous

【解析】考查副词。feel 后面接形容词,构成系表结构。

73.【答案】time→ times

【解析】考查名词。time 表示次数,是可数名词。

74.【答案】could 后加 not



76.【答案】去 for

【解析】考查动词词组。look at sb 是固定词组。

77.【答案】nothing→ something


78.【答案】cheat→ cheating

【解析】考查非谓语动词。catch sb doing sth 抓住某人正在做某事。

79.【答案】Unfortunately→ Fortunately


80.【答案】the→ a

【解析】考查冠词的用法。a second time 又一次。



81. 教学评价是收集学习者在一段时间内的学习进度和成绩的过程,目的是为了提高教与学。它不是基于一次测试或一个任务,也不是一个分数或等级可以说明的,而是以一个书面报告的形式呈现,报告上写有成绩或等级,以及老师的描述和评语。

82. 这份报告是基于孩子的学习情况,孩子的自我评估表,老师对孩子的语言能力,态度,参与程度、合作以及认知发展的观察形成的。孩子的成绩往往是以他自己为出发点来衡量的,而不是和其他孩子的技能比较。


1.写作内容为围绕如何成为一名好的小学英语教师展开的一篇教育教学类的议论文,字数为 150 字,可写 2-3 条建议;








What Makes a Good Primary English Teacher?

I am longing to be a good primary English teacher, which is a long way to go because primary school English teachers need to possess unique qualities in addition to language competence and teaching capabilities.

First and foremost, primary school teachers need to understand how children think and learn. We need to care for the whole child instead of just caring for the language that we are teaching. What’s more, we need to help children to develop in an all-round way — linguistically, intellectually, culturally, and morally. In addition, we need to guide them in mastering learning strategies and learn how to learn, help them to develop the ability to use imaginations and learn to solve problems. Last but not least, we also need to teach them to care for others and respect others. Language is both a target for teaching and a tool that should carry rich educational content for children.

From my perspective, understanding how children think and learn is the key to undertake primary education. Techniques and methods for teaching English are necessary skills for a primary English teacher, and they can be trained and developed.



1. 导入环节,通过歌曲创设情境以及直观呈现图片,激发学生的学习兴趣,让学生在轻松愉快的气氛中进入课堂,为本节课打好基础;新授和练习环节,通过展示呈现 rain 图片创设猜测情境,让学生自己发现比较,目的在于


2. 成功之处和原因:(答出 4 点即可,结合具体材料)

1) 对教材分析恰当,重难点把握得当,教学方法选择合理。

2) 紧抓小学生善于模仿,乐于参与实践,敢于竞争的特点,创设各种竞赛,有效地激发了学生的英语学习兴趣,并培养了综合运用能力。

3) 积极发挥教师的引导作用,以学生为主体,力求促使学生形成良好的学习习惯和自主学习能力,形成有效学习策略。

4) 正确运用课堂评价,在竞赛中采用公平且激励性的语言评价,使学生不断体验成功,并在努力中进步。

5) 正确把握知识输入和输出的关系,恰当地创设情境将所学知识运用到实际生活中。

6) 力求将自身和学生融入到一起,在平等的师生关系中,用极富激情的语言和动作感染学生,使学生自然融入进来。

85. 教学设计

Step Two: New Concepts and Practice (30 mins)

3. What’s Missing。采用游戏竞赛的方式,学生观察教师手中快速闪现的单词卡片,并抢答出单词,然后将卡片贴在黑板上,请学生闭上眼睛,迅速抽走一张,看谁能最先猜出少了哪个单词。表演完选出本节课的最佳表演者,并予以奖励。

T: Now let’s have a word competition. Please look at my hand very carefully. What’s missing?

Ss: ……is missing.


4. Picture Description。出示不同天气的图片,每幅图片请学生尽可能多地用学过的形容词描述,教师引导学生说出完整的句子,如第一幅图,学生会说“snowy”, “ cold”,在教师引导下,学生能说出“It’s cold.” It’s snowy.”

T: Next I will show you some beautiful pictures. How’s the weather?

Ss: snowy

T: Yes, you are right, speak with me, please, how is the weather? It’s, it’s snowy.



Step Three: Consolidation (8mins)



S1: Which month do you like best?

S2: I like May.

S1: How is the weather in May?

S2: It’s warm and sunny.







1)a. 阅读课的知识目标不应仅限于单词、短语及重点句型的掌握,还应包含文章内容的

整体把握,应增加一项:学生能了解 cultural relics 的概念,了解 Amber Room 的历史,掌握与琥珀屋相关的人物、时间、事件等。

b. 情感态度与价值观目标过于宽泛,没有体现与本节课主题相关的教学目标,可改为:


2)优点:a. 本课时设计了若干情景与活动,旨在让学生积极参与学习活动,在活动中学习。同时,有效地使用图片资源,非常直观,且所选素材与日常生活密切相关,大大提高了学生对学习的兴趣;

b. 本设计以任务型活动为中心,将英语学习与现实生活紧密结合。过程环环相扣,从易到难,既体现语言学习的渐进性,也体现了实践性和应用性;

c. 灵活处理文本,引导学生在阅读过程中对本篇文章中人物众多的事实,以及文章的时间和地点顺序予以重视,既加深了学生对文章的理解,也同时渗透了阅读策略的培养。

d. 课堂步骤时间设计非常合理,重难点处理得当。(答对优点 3 点即可)

缺点:a. Step II Pre-reading 环节第 1 点第二个问题跟前后两个问题联系不紧密,没有很好地体现教学过程中问题之间的紧密联系和衔接,没有形成任务链;

b. 视频是从网上下载的,可能所占时间太长,只能播放其中的部分,不好控制,稍有不慎,时间上就会出现问题;

c. 在实现一个个任务的过程中,老师应该对学生加以引导,包括必要的简单示范,给出一定的参考等,帮助学生完成学习任务,让学生体会到成功的喜悦。

d. 作业的布置没有体现开放性和选择性。

e. 教师在学生完成任务的过程中缺乏形成性评价,没有体现评价的激励作用(答对 2 点即可)

87. 【参考答案】

Step 3 While-reading.

T:Now, please read the passage quickly and complete the task with your partner.

Task 1:T or F Questions

a. The Amber Room was made for a short time.

b. Catherine II didn’t like anything about the Amber Room when she first saw it.

c. The Amber Room was taken to Konigsberg and hidden there in 1941.

d. The Russians didn’t care about the Amber Room.

e. The Russians don’t know what happened to the Amber Room and have made a new one.


Task 2:Group Discussion

T: Please read the text very carefully, work together and find keys to the following questions:

1. Was the Amber Room made to be a gift?

2. Why did the King of Prussia give the Amber Room to the Czar of Russia?

3. Were the Russians able to remove the Amber Room?

4. What happened to the Amber Room?

5. How was a new Amber Room built?

T lead Ss to analyze some difficult points.


生与同伴讨论(Group Discussion),然后请他们踊跃回答。这样一来,学生可以在小组合作和交流中开拓思维和创新能力。并且,以上问题的设置立足于课文内容,但又不局限于课文,引导学生学习新知识时能配合其中的趣味性和导向性,培养学生的问题意识,激发其探究动机,使其产生明确而强烈的学习期待心理,从而促使学生学习的热情有增无减。对一些难点的解释也有利于学生进一步理解文章内容。

Step 4 Post-reading.

1. Activity 1:Retell the passage

T leads Ss to recall content of the passage and ask Ss to retell the history of the Amber Room.


2. Activity 2:Theme sublimation

T: What happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery, but in the world, we have so many cultural relics which are not missing. Some of them are in bad condition.

Then what should we do?



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